Easy Beauty Hacks To Get You From Bed To Door In 10 minutes

As women, we know the struggle of sacrificing that extra half hour's sleep in favour of putting our face on all too well. While the snooze button beckons, so does the allure of looking well-presented and putting our best face forward for the day ahead. 

It seems you can now have both - beauty sleep and a beautiful visage. We've pulled together our top six beauty hacks to ensure you get in enough shut eye, and get out the door in 10 minutes or less. 

1. Eyelash extensions
Time Saved: 4-10 minutes
Think about the time it takes you to makeover your eyes; curling your eyelashes, applying mascara, winging your eyeliner, daubing on eye shadow - you get the point. And we all know that rushing a winged eyeliner can only spell disaster. Lash extensions are extremely low-maintenance once applied after a 60-minute session, and they also make your eyes appear more defined.

2. Eyebrow microblading
Time Saved: 7 minutes
If you consider yourself a beauty aficionado, you'll know that having dark, thick natural brows is so on fleek. If you have thin or unruly brows, there's a chance your morning routine will include some form of grooming, shaping, and filling them in, which can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Microblading is a great way to achieve natural looking, hair-like tattoos to restore your brows to their former glory. A mini blade is used to insert pigment into the skin creating the illusion of fine natural hairs.

3. Spray tan
Time saved: 5 minutes
No time to contour or apply a full face of makeup? Use fake tan instead, and you can achieve a healthy glow that will last roughly 1-2 weeks. Apply the tanning product all over your body (remembering to moisturise the dry areas first) then after two minutes of drying time, apply slightly more with a beauty blender where you'd normally contour your face - think cheekbones, forehead and under your chin. Apply moisturiser to your face after another five minutes of drying time or until it's only slightly tacky, and in the morning (after your shower) you'll be good to glow!

4. Gel nails
Time saved: 45 minutes
Chips are only ever okay if they come in a bag and are heavily salted. You know the story, you paint your nails and don't do anything for hours, run them under cold water, blow dry them and the next day they're either smudged or chipped. Gel nail polish lasts up to a month without chipping or peeling and can save you hours in the long run. When applied once and applied right they're a huge time saver.

5. Laser hair removal
Time saved: 20 minutes
In the time it takes to shave your legs, under your arms and wherever else its needed, you could fit in at least another 20-minutes of shut eye. Choosing your outfit for the day only to realise your legs resemble a yeti's, induces the kind of panic that leads to shaving cuts and missed patches of hair. Laser hair removal is an easy way to avoid all of this: imagine never having to worry about shaving ever again. The procedure is relatively painless, it just feels like a rubber band snapping on your skin and lasts about 10-15 minutes every six weeks for 8-15 sessions.

6. Tattoo makeup
Time saved: 15 minutes
If you're not one to leave the house without a pinch of makeup, then permanent makeup solutions could be a good option for you. Semi-permanent eyeliner is great because you can either allow it to fade for a subtle look, or get your eyelashes tinted and allow the pigment to darken the lines again. Imagine only having to ever apply the wing of your eyeliner, not the whole distance from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Lip liner can be slightly trickier in terms of achieving the right colour. It's advised to choose a shade slightly darker than your natural lip colour, tattooed lightly around the edges of your mouth. The natural pigment of your lips lightens from the middle of your mouth outwards, and the tattooed liner creates a more definitive line between skin and lips, eliminating the need for lipstick or pencil.

Photo credit: Pinterest