Supermodel Naomi Campbell shares her five top beauty secrets

Ever wondered how British icon and supermodel Naomi Campbell has kept her radiant glow? The legendary 45-year-old reveals her beauty secrets and shares how she's kept her flawless complexion - which hasn’t seemed to have aged a day since the ‘90s!

1. Keep the skin’s youthful elasticity

'I’d never do a face lift, so I use tape'

2. Shimer, shimer shimer

'I like to put shimmer on the inside of my eyes to make me look bright and awake and alert!'

3. No powder

'I don’t like to put much powder on my face… I like the skin to be a little bit shiny but with natural oils'

4. One word, moisturize

'I moisturize my body twice a day, it’s something my mother always told me as a child'

5. Accessorize!

'It’s all [about the] accessories to make yourself feel better and look good'