Get a start on your summer tan with some help from St Tropez


Written by Dani McAllen, Remix beauty columnist & Managing Director of WE ARE ANTHOLOGY. When I was younger, I used to buy Rimmel because Kate Moss was the face. When I found out Kate Moss was the new face of St Tropez Tan, I thought hey why not check it out? Then I used it, and I really fell in love. I tried out the Classic Tan and the Dark Tan; both worked really well and looked natural. I’m naturally quite olive-toned, but through the Kiwi winter my colour fades and I look like an egg. No more! After I had the Classic Tan I did what I was told; I exfoliated after a couple of days with the Build Up Remover Mitt and I kept my body nice and moisturised with the Tan Enhancing Moisturiser. After I had the Dark Tan, mmm not so much. For the sake of research (I did this all for you) I didn’t exfoliate and I didn’t moisturise – and it showed. But, I’m happy to report once I buffed away the build up in the cracks (around my neck, armpits and ankles thank you very much) I was back to a nice all-over colour that looked natural. St Tropez Tan is available all around the country. Check out the stockists here. No one has time to wait for the Kiwi sun to show itself properly, so get your summer glow on now with St Tropez.