Sneak a peek at the trending nail styles for this winter 

Putting those appointments on hold for the winter season is all too easy, especially when it’s cold outside and the comforts of your home are calling. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite nail styles to boost your inspiration and your morale, from bold colours to delicate nail art, because no matter what the weather is like, self-care sessions are a must. 


Bold & Beautiful 

Winter brings the perfect opportunity to go big or go home. With the deep hues of the evening and silhouettes of your surroundings as your backdrop, taking that inspiration and channelling it into your nail art only makes sense. Opt for dark-coloured designs and deep tones to bring a little bit of winter wonder to your everyday. 


Winter Bordeaux 

Red is a staple throughout the cold months and one that we tend to keep coming back to every year. Opting for deep reds is bound to compliment each winter layered ‘fit and promise a pop of colour as the nights get darker, and if your style is “less is more,” this is the perfect choice for you. 


Cobalt Cues

When we think of winter our minds tend to gravitate towards blue, but who said we’re subject to navy only? Opt for a pop of cobalt if you’re feeling a little more vibrancy, and take it that step further with some minimalist nail art where attention to detail is key. Sleek and modern is the aim of the game, but creativity is never one that you need to shy away from. 


Glazed Donut 

Glazed donut nails anyone? We’ve all explored this option over the past year, and it’s safe to say that this technique is never going out of style. Chic and understated, this is the perfect way to add a little something without deep-diving into colour and nail art, as well as honing in on the iridescence of the winter season. 


Chrome, Please

What better way to embrace the vibe of aprés ski than silver chrome nails? Make a statement whether you’re on your morning coffee run or living it up in Queenstown and experiencing the slopes. You can guarantee we will be taking this picture to our next nail appointment!