Serum To The Rescue

skinOnce the beauty code of conduct was 'Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize' but now were hearing Cleanse, Correct, Moisturize. Correct?? Who's he??? He is SERUM. The expensive guy in the little vial. What's his job??? As stated: Correct, take your aging skin and turn it around. Where's toner gone? Toner was important to remove the excess product left behind in the pores by heavy cleansers. However today's formula's rinse clean and technology has ripped ahead and found many ways to improve your skins quality. Dermatologists have long said the most effective beauty ingredient is retinol (that's vitamin A in it's purest form) and it has the power to reveal the glowing complexion that lies beneath. Retinol is the main ingredient in many serums. So what serum is best for you? The first thing you need to know what your issue is. Is it pigmentation, dull complexion, hydration or clarity? Without a doubt, serum is a girls best friend. I got onto Lancome's 'Genifique' for $145, about 2 years ago when the product was launched. I was thrilled by the results as my skin just looks more impressive, like a veil had been lifted, with a 'day after a facial' sort of clarity. I have now tried all kinds of serums and yes some work better than others. Here are my reviews: Antipodes Hosanna Intense Hydrating Serum $48 - A water charged, oil free bio active serum, said to boost collagen and protect from environmental damage. I trialed this and found it to be very water-like which is it's point. I only used it for 2 weeks, however I saw no visible difference good or bad to report. This one is great if you're into organics as it is certified and NZ made. Another organic serum on the market, Grown Facial Serum $59.95 has lots of lovely natural ingredients. The main active ingredient is rose hip oil which is a wonder at repairing skin. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Serum $108, is to be used as part of the visible difference daily treatment process. This product is high in a special patented type of vitamin A. I have had a friend trial this and she reports she has softer skin with more clarity. Another Elizabeth Arden product 'Prevage Advanced Anti-Aging Serum' $299, is a major player in the anti aging creams and contains extreme high dose antioxidants. I found it very active and left my face incredibly smooth to touch. Bridget Black Rejuvenating Serum $90, is my favorite. I continue to use it as I'm getting lots of compliments on my skin. It plumps, hydrates and softens fine lines. It feels nourishing when applied and absorbs super fast. If your wanting to renew your complexion make sure you shop around and ask questions as the market is flooded with possibilities. Don't be afraid to ask for a sample before making a major investment, you want to know its going to work for you. X Mimi