Get To Know Gota and their New Zealand Natural Skincare Products

Deep in the New Zealand forest lies an abundance of ingredients sourced from our native trees that have a multitude of benefits for the skin and the body. New Zealand natural skincare brand, Gota uses the gifts from Mother Nature herself to create their beautiful range of skincare products with ingredients such as Mamuku Leaf extract and Kānukafor their powerful healing properties. Their ability to hydrate and lift the skin, while protecting from the harsh elements of the environment makes them a true wonder. 

Remix recently attended the Gota launch event at the stunning Tui Hills event space in the Waitakere Ranges to learn all about their new range of products, as well as their exciting launch into Sephora. We were treated to a traditional Māori welcome ceremony by The Haka Experience, followed by an informative deep dive into the brand with a presentation from some of the world’s most knowledgeable leaders in the beauty-science industry.

Special guests included Toni Fowlie, Chief Operating Officer at NZ Skincare who gave us an in depth look into the Gota brand and what sets them aside from others on the market. Operating since 2000, Geoskincare has been a leading skincare company in the New Zealand market. Using the power of nature and combining it with science to create world-class beauty products. Within the Gota brand are three product families - Forest of Vitality, Ocean of Resilience and Intensive Beauty Boost.

Hon Paula Bennett and Hon Steven Joyce also spoke, giving their endorsement to this brand and the amazing work they are doing with our native New Zealand ingredients, bringing them to the forefront of the world. 

Next, we spoke with Andrea Taimana, founder and chief scientist of Organic Bioactives, and her team members to reveal the secrets of Mamaku. Followed by a speech from Mr Iwano who is the R&D manager for Technoble Co Ltd, a development-driven company aiming to contribute to global society, by creating a better, beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Finally, Anne Laure Larriviere, Head of Global Marketing from Naolys France said a few words on their contribution to this brand. Naolys is a French biotech company that originated 20 years ago from the pioneering work in patenting plant cell culture techniques. 

After the presentation, we were treated to New Zealand-inspired food and beverages hosted by Tui Hills to round off the evening.