Random Research: Remix Reveals Reviver

Reviver Swipes copy Words by Steven Fernandez. One of the best things about being in the United States for the past two weeks was getting to check out all of the cool and crazy stuff they have over there! There are some seriously cool, seriously strange and seriously random products over there. However, here is one product we discovered that we couldn’t help but spread the word about! Reviver is an odor-neutralizing dry swipe that you wipe over the texture of your clothes to freshen up your scent. Whether you’ve been in a smoking area, cooking or standing in the smog of the city, your clothes can pick up an odor that you don’t want to carry around with you all day… least of all into a meeting or on a date! So how Reviver works is you keep a swipe in your pocket and when your clothes need a “smell spruce” you just tuck your fingers behind the pad and swipe the Reviver over your outfit. Good as new! It reduces the regularity of your dry-cleaning and means your clothes are always smelling as good as the rest of your body. Reviver even works on your hair! We don’t have Reviver in New Zealand but we brought enough packets home with us to last a lifetime. In the meantime check it out online, where you can also buy them.