Original & Mineral

OMMimi Kelly is the artistic director/owner of Killer Hair, Newton. She’s an award-winning hair colourist and makeup artist. Every week Mimi will be doing what she does best... give her opinion. There ain't much I don't know about shampoo. The hair care market is bursting with choices and my money's on products free from sulphates, parabens and the like, created by companies with compassion for animals, the planet and you. Original & Mineral create beautiful formulations free from chemicals but still deliver amazing results. They have a unique 3 step care system. 1. Detox, this is using the Original Detox Shampoo $38 350ml, it smells fresh with Australian river mint and leaves hair lighter, almost squeaky clean and rid of build up from product, oil and pollution. Most importantly it's prepped for the next step. 2. Cleanse, this is with your prescribed care shampoo depending on hair's texture. I use Hydrate and Conquer $38 350mls which through its sea kelp ingredient delivers tons of vitamins and amino acids that are important for my blonde locks. 3. Care, here is where the hair is treated to the hydration best suited for what you put it through. Again I used Hydrate and Conquer $38 350mls this one smells like sweet almond oil and ylang ylang flower. Not only does it smell delicious but it gives my chemically challenged hair a wonderfully balanced hit of moisture. The end result is perfect delivery of the essential ingredients. My hair feels fully hydrated but lighter and my colour brighter and more radiant. Yip, I was pretty impressed and O&M have a innovative backstory where through necessity an Australian hairdressing couple went out to make products and professional colour without using chemicals in a bid to reduce there own reactions through exposure. What they have created is a line that is picking up major fans worldwide. Leading hairdressers and celebs like Miranda Kerr and Rachel Zoe have raved about their love for O&M. They do the cutest little travel sizes $17.50 50mls perfect if your interested in trying and seeing the results for yourself, not to mention an amazing styling line all professionally tested and adored. So lose the chemicals and use your head.