This new wave of skincare will change how your moisturise

If you’ve spent years pursuing the perfect blend of ingredients to suit your skin type and address your myriad of skin concerns, then we’re delighted to tell you the search is officially over. There’s a new breed of skincare in town, and it’s sure to revolutionise the way you look after your skin.

Cult Kiwi skincare label Tailor Skincare have unveiled their new Tailor Your Blend Moisture - an all-natural solution to your age-old skin issues.

Understanding that no two people are the same, Tailor Your Blend Moisture embraces what makes you uniquely and beautifully you. Wrapped up in a snappy tag line: ‘blended for you, by you’, the twice daily moisturiser is the first of its kind when it comes to personalised skincare.

Ok skin cynics, we can already see your eyes rolling. You’re wondering, how do they know exactly what my skin needs?

The clever bunch at Tailor have developed an online skin consultation, which helps them to understand your unique needs and skin concerns. The quiz accounts for your genetics, environmental factors and skin type, and generates a recommendation for which two extracts you need to mix in with the moisturising base to develop your perfect blend.

Each extract contains natural active ingredients, powerful enough to give your skin the overhaul it needs. Yes!

Extracts numbered 1 – 3 are suited to your skin type (1- oily, 2 - combination or 3 - dry), while extracts 4 – 6 address your skin concerns (4 – pore size or breakouts, 5 - dull, uneven or anti-ageing, 6 – flaky or sensitive).

Keen to try Tailor Your Blend for yourself? Remix has five Tailor Your Blend Moisture kits to give away. To enter, simply click the link below and complete the online skin consultation and a Your Blend prize could be heading your way!

Competition closes Monday 10th July at 5pm. Good luck!