In Search of the Perfect Shave? Look No Further Than Schick 6

Let's face it, *pun intended*, facial hair on a man is sexy. But we're not talking about that Tom Hanks Castaway overgrown beard vibe, we're talking about stubbly, manicured but not-too-manicured kind of facial hair. The kind of facial hair that makes a man look like he cares enough to groom, but not so much that he'll be stealing your razors. 

In the pursuit of the perfect shave, Schick has developed a premium razor to ensure your smoothest shave yet. This innovation transcends the ordinary, accompanied by a kitschy tire stand to accompany the rest of your toiletries on your bathroom counter. Aptly named Schick 6, the razor has 6 diamond-coated German blades for sharpness and durability but is also designed with sensitive skin in mind, providing an extremely close but comfortable shave. With features like the Accublade Trimmer ensuring you easy access to hard-to-reach places like the goatee, sideburns and under the nose, consider this your ultimate grooming companion.

To pay homage to the well-groomed man, we take a look at some of our favourite Celeb faces (and their facial hair) to give yourself (or your man) some grooming inspo.

You're welcome.

George Clooney

Benicio Del Toro

Luke Evans

Michael B Jordan

Ryan Gosling

Christian Bale


Tom Selleck

Josh Duhamel

Steve Harvey


Images via Pinterest