Kitten fur perfume is actually a thing

If there was ever a way to become a crazy cat lady without having to surround yourself with a billion of them, this is it.

Demeter Fragrance Library has just released a perfume they swear by the perfume gods, smells of "kitten fur". 

According to Demeter, the scent took 15 years to perfect and is supposed to capture the essence of the warm and comforting spot behind a kitten's neck. Not only does the fragrance claim to smell like a specific part of a furry household pet, but it also claims to 'purr' and that anyone who wears the scent will purr too.

Just for the cat-lovers out there, the perfume comes in cologne spray, roll-on perfume oil, body lotion, shower gel, massage and body oil and even room spray, so you and your house can smell like Kitten fur! 

Although a weird concept, Demeter Fragrance Library's muse is to create scents that evoke memories, which makes sense considering they also have a scent called New Baby.

Next time you're feeling nostalgic for your childhood pet, be sure to give this perfume a try!

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