Experience the Empowering Aroma of Jean Paul Gaultier's Latest Fragrance

Since the beginning of time, society has been telling women how to behave. How to dress, how to present themselves, what careers are suitable and where their place in the world should be. Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest fragrance takes a rebellious stance and encourages the wearer to step out of that echo chamber and embrace her divine feminine energy.

Gaultier Divine women are freeing themselves from the clichés of gender and celebrating their uniqueness. Sexy, rebellious and ultimately, human, these living, breathing goddesses seamlessly combine uniqueness and otherness in a single corset.

This sunny Eau de Parfum is utterly inimitable with gourmand, marine and floral-based notes. Created by Quentin Bisch, Gaultier Divine is vegan, cruelty free and made with 90% natural origin ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Bouquets of white flowers and meringue contrasted by a salty breeze that makes you want to eat your way through the fragrance trail.

The Gaultier Divine woman is celebrated for her voluptuous curves that pay homage to her ambitious and adventurous spirit and the bottle reflects that. The corset is no longer a delicate piece designed to constrict the wearer, but instead a celebration of their power.

A tribute to the strong women has been embedded in the brands DNA since 1976, from the clothes that they design, to their signature scents, embracing all cultures and forms of beauty - Jean Paul Gaultier’s Gaultier Divine seeks to empower with every spray she wears.