Get your caffeine hit with Evolu: The new must-have items to the natural skincare range

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 7.30.27 pm We’re all familiar with the energising effect of drinking coffee, and a lot of us rely on exactly that to get us through the day, but did you know that brilliant bean works in the same way when applied to your skin? Studies have shown that applying products with high concentrations of caffeine can stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage, improving the body’s natural circulation and detoxification processes. Coffee also contains antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and may help the appearance of visible veins. When coffee grounds are combined with other skin-loving ingredients and used as a scrub, the result is softer, smoother and healthier skin – that’s a big yes from us! Evolu’s Invigorating Body Scrub contains a higher-than-average concentration of 20% Arabic coffee grounds, mixed with hydrating harakeke flax and soothing kawakawa. The result is an all-natural scrub that won’t strip your skin of moisture and smells divine! For best results, buff the scrub into the skin from the décolletage to the soles of your feet, leaving it on as long as possible before rinsing off. Skin will feel incredibly soft and smooth, and be ready to absorb other body products, such as their ultra-nourishing Body Butter. Head here for more.