How to cover up a pimple with makeup

Makeup artist Nam Vo, of dewy dumplings, recently posted an Instagram video answering the question we’ve been asking for years; how do you conceal a pimple to the point where it’s actually undetectable? Well, Vo has a guide for you, in a two-step trick we didn’t see coming. 

We’ve all been guilty of picking relentlessly at a pimple in a bid to make it vanish before an event, even though we all know deep down, it only makes matters worse. 


Unlike our heavy-handed attempts at deception, which often inexplicably make them seem more noticeable, Vo says it’s as simple as a one-two approach. 


Step one: “You want to use a concealer maybe half a shade or a shade darker than your skin tone”, she says. Then buff it with a beauty blender. "Under my eyes, I usually wear something that's a little bit lighter, but if you want to cover a zit, you want to go deeper," Vo explained.


I suggest Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Replenishing Concealer, it’s super hydrating so it won’t’ dry out and crack on the blemish. 


Step two: Opt for a powder foundation, rather than a liquid to layer overtop, because it’s “more dense and provides more coverage”, with a small fluffy brush. "The secret, also, is don't use a big brush," she said. As a final touch, tap the product "not only the zit, but the area around the zit" for a more seamless blend. 

My go-to powder foundation is Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer. 

The result? A complete pimple-disappearing act. No magic hat necessary.