How teeth whitening works

My teeth have never been particularly not-white, but they’re not extremely white-white either. To give you a visual, I look like someone who uses Colgate Optic White Express White 125g (not sponsored) every night, but whose coffee intake exceeds the recommended two cups per day.

There is a myriad of products on the market for this very purpose, all promising life-changing results in record times. So, I made it my mission to separate the men from the boys.


I’ve always felt that when it comes to putting chemicals in or on your body, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. So I went to The Tooth Company in Eastridge on my quest for transparent, pearly whites.


My dentist Jeremy was very upfront from the start - my teeth are already on the whiter end of the scale so there are no guaranteed results. I nodded, half resigned, but still eager to proceed in the name of a whiter smile.


How does it work?

Without getting too technical, the general science behind teeth whitening is that it breaks down chromophore molecules (the coloured compounds in foods that are absorbed into your teeth), into smaller molecules. This allows light to travel through the tooth, hence giving the appearance of whiter teeth. The main chemical compound used in the product is Hydrogen Peroxide, (obviously) not toxic to humans, although some people may experience gum sensitivity or discomfort.


What are my options?

When it comes to professional teeth whitening there are really two options; in-chair or take home trays. If you’re someone who struggles to maintain a skin regime, or you know you lack the motivation to put your plates in while binge-watching The Crown every night, it’s likely your technician will recommend the in-chair option.


The beauty of in-chair is that it’s a singular treatment where a strong whitening solution is carefully applied for 75 minutes, the results are almost immediate, and it’s a great lazy-gal alternative.


If you have a bit more self-control, the take-home trays are said to give the best results. I’m a result driven person, so I opted for the trays. Your experienced dentist and nurse will take moulds of your teeth, which if you’ve ever had braces will know, is uncomfortable but not painful. Then they send them away to get custom made plates for you to apply the whitening solution to.


The recommended time frame is two weeks for one hour per day. I stuck to this roughly, but I did experience some sensitivity so gave my teeth a few days off. I also fell asleep once or twice and left them on overnight (oops), which didn’t appear to result in any adverse effects.


After only one treatment I could see the results immediately.  Particularly on the pointy ones on the sides, which after a quick google I can confirm are called canines. The results just keep getting better, and I’ve had numerous people comment on how much whiter my teeth look.


While teeth whitening might not change your life, it’s a luxury indulgence that will definitely make you smile with more confidence. And who doesn’t want that!


The results  


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