Here's how to get rid of under eye bags

I have to be brutally honest with you. Nothing short of plastic surgery with fully remove bags and wrinkles from under the eye. But, we’ve found the next best thing. 

I’m writing this article with the main interest of helping the Theotokos of Tikhvin, who, no offence, looks like he’s in desperate need of some undereye hydration. Not that there is anything wrong, with under-eye bags either, but if yours are a concern, there is only one thing to do; have at them with 8+MINUTE Sky-ake Restoring Eye Masks. 


These really are your best weapon. While there are multiple gels and creams promising to relieve everything from puffiness to discolouration to the merciless onward march of time, they’re really just masquerading dressed-up moisturisers. 


Luckily for you, 8+MINUTE eye masks really are the real deal, with very sleek packaging to boost. When it comes to skin treatment, they understand that beautiful skin and true radiance can only come from natural healthy dermal cells. That’s why all their products combine the best of nature’s nourishing ingredients with the latest technology, to maximise the skin's natural strength and reveal a smooth, healthy, and rejuvenated appearance. The latest from the brand, the 8+MINUTE SYN-AKE Restoring Eye Masks, do exactly that. Containing potent active ingredients that improve skin elastin and collagen regeneration. 

To put it simply, these wrinkle-smoothing ingredients will slow down tissue breakdown, so there won’t be as many wrinkles to worry about down the line. It’s the only undereye mask I’ve used that delivers results, showing smoother, brighter more energised skin. Basically my bags have been packed up and sent away, enjoy your new under-eyes. You’re welcome.