What happens when you try a Cryofacial

Not a lot of us can vouch for saying that we enjoy being frozen - especially not during the coldest nights of the year. But the latest beauty trend to pop onto our radar does just that, cue the rise of the Cryofacial,

You may have heard of Cryogenics, which is the whole ice bath scenario. The process reduces muscle swelling, soreness and speeds up recovery. More recently, Cryotherapy has become a hit on Instagram and all our favourite influencers are stepping into a minus 150 degrees Celsius chamber.


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Similarly, a Cryofacial uses extremely low temperatures to target the face and neck for the ultimate 'freeze therapy'. It all begins with a blast of sub zero air and in eight short minutes, your skin will be left looking flawless. By flawless, we mean your skin will have even skin tone and texture, faded scars and reduced inflammation. But the benefits don't stop there, Cryofacials make your skin firmer and more radiant. It even improves acne and treats skin conditions such as eczema. 

Cryofacial is perfectly safe and no, you won't get frost bite. The Aestheticians wave the cold air in circular motions so that it is not in one spot, which may cause damage to the skin. The procedure is also pain-free, (unlike our mid winter nights) and many have found it extremely soothing. 

Could you handle the chill?

photo credit: Instagram.com, Sandiegocyrotherapy.com