Four mascara techniques you probably aren't doing

There is no doubt about it, most of us apply a liberal coat of mascara every morning before truly starting the day. It is something we all think we have all mastered over the years right? Well maybe not.

Here are a few simple techniques which can make or break your great lash days.

There is never too much curl

Everyone knows the best lashes are ones with a heap of curl. Before you even think about applying mascara using a lash curler is key. Pressing down from the roots of your lashes and holding for at least five seconds will make you feel instantly more alert.

Don’t blink

The blinking method is one we all learnt from a younger age when we were all first learning to apply makeup. Nowadays mascara wands are designed to be manoeuvred so you can apply the mascara where it needs to be. By half closing your eyes and moving the wand instead of your eyelids you can apply mascara with ease from root to tip.

Start at the roots

When applying mascara, starting half-way up the lashes may add essential length but applying it from the roots adds volume and makes your lashes appear denser.

Swap it out

Unfortunately, with almost every kind of mascara, there is no way of telling when it’s empty. If you suddenly notice that your lashes seem shorter or your mascara isn’t coating them as well as they usually do, you may need to swap it out. We recommend swapping out your mascara every two months even if it isn’t empty.