Flash City

Flash City, an extension of fave tattoo studio Two Hands Tattoo, recalls the first tattoo parlours that were often found out back of a barber shop. All the designs are up on all the wall, every one hand painted by the tattooers of Two Hands Tattoo and their most respected friends from around the world.
Each design will be tattooed a little different each time. In the spirit of time-honoured barbershop traditions, Flash City’s barbers will provide classic cuts and straight razor shaves.
We checked out the launch last night, take a look at the pics below or find out more at www.flashcity.co.nz
Email: twohandstattoo@gmail.com for bookings. [gallery ids="1385,1386,1387,1388,1389,1390,1391,1392,1393,1394,1395,1396,1397,1398,1399,1400,1401,1402,1403,1404,1405,1406,1407,1408,1409,1410"]