Five makeup trends to try this winter

Fully embrace the 2023 winter period this season and try your hand at the latest trends to hit the makeup scene. Inspired by the frosty elegance winter has to offer, this collection of trends has taken the beauty community by storm. Adopting a cohesive palette of shimmery cool tones, harness the essence of winter and adapt your routine for this icy period. Reminiscent of sparkling snow, these trends will curate an alluring soft glam look perfect to face the chilly days ahead. 

Tinted Moisturiser
There’s nothing more dehydrating to the skin than cold weather. With a widespread growing affinity to a light coverage base, a tinted moisturiser blends fashion and functionality. Allow your natural skin to take the spotlight whilst ensuring it remains dewy and even. With varying levels of coverage to suit your preferences, it’s no wonder tinted moisturisers have risen to such prominence this winter. 

Frosted Eyeshadow
The implementation of frosted eyeshadow into your regime will have you glistening like a snowflake. Keep it neutral and go for a classic snowy white frost, or for those that prefer a bolder look, try a vibrant cool tone like blue or purple. Draw attention to your eyes as the focal point of your wintery period looks with this captivating trend. 

Cool Toned BlushOwn that natural crimson flush caused by the familiar icy chill of winter mornings. A good dusting of a cool-toned pink across your cheeks and nose is the cutest way to embrace the frosty weeks ahead. For extra intrigue and dimension, opt for a shimmer blush in that same cool tone to keep your skin glowing. One of the biggest trends this winter has seen, it has come to be an unmissable step in the best of our makeup routines.

Lip Stain
Our cheeks are not the only victim to winter flush, but our lips are too. Further embrace it with a staining lip tint, and accentuate their fullness with a rich seasonal color. Pay homage to K-Beauty and concentrate the colour to the centre of your lips, reminiscent of being in the cold. Berry pink stained lips are a staple of this winter’s makeup trends; don’t miss out!

Shimmer Gloss

Whether you utilise a shimmer gloss as a lip topper or a stand-alone product, the end result is dazzling either way. A consistent theme amongst these winter trends, there’s no place where a little extra sparkle doesn’t belong. A shimmery gloss is the perfect cherry on top of your winter-esque glam.