Festive season hair with Chloe Zara: ghd curve creative curl wand – Chic Waves

This final festive season hair look by Chloe Zara is ghd curve creative curl wand Chic Waves. Reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour with a red-carpet feel and perfect for those extra special occasions where you want to get a little more dressed up, like New Year’s Eve parties. static1.squarespace 1: Create volume in towel-dried hair by applying a couple of pumps of ghd total volume foam into your mid-lengths and ends. Then create a side part as desired 2: Blow-dry your hair using the ghd air hairdryer and a round ceramic brush to give extra volume at the roots and mid-lengths of the hair. Make sure you blow-dry your hair by pointing the nozzle of the hairdryer down the hair shaft and lift the hair across the brush in an upwards direction, rather than just straight down 3: Once dry, spray ghd curl hold spray through mid-lengths and ends, which includes heat protect in it. To curl, take 4cm sections, hold the wand horizontally and wrap the hair away from your face from the roots to the ends around the wand. Hold in place for approximately 10 seconds 4: Once all hair is curled and cool, lightly brush out the waves with the ghd oval dressing brush from the mid-lengths to the ends 5: Finish with ghd final fix hairspray and a little ghd smooth & finish serum –into the mid-lengths and the ends. For even more glamour, add a light mist of ghd final shine spray all over static1.squarespace-1     Don’t forget to #hintghd this Christmas and to check out the beautiful, limited edition ghd arctic gold Christmas collection, head here.