Cleanse like Cleopatra with donkey milk!

South Korea is home of some of the most innovative and effective skincare in the world, and we are SO down to try anything they send our way. Their latest and most adventurous ingredient - donkey milk

Donkey milk is considered as a 'super' milk; packed with the highest amounts of protein and fatty acids, and powerful anti-aging agent Vitamin C (5x more than cows milk!). So, it's a top-notch ingredient in combating the visible signs of aging and works wonders to soothe sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Just reading the long list of benefits that donkey milk infused cleansers and moisturisers have prove they are totally worth the hype!

The ancient diva herself, Cleopatra, preferred donkey milk for her famous milk baths. The rumour is that she kept 700 donkeys (!!!) for this bathing ritual! Luckily for us, since Korean cosmetic companies took charge of the product, the benefits are far more accessible and affordable.

But where to find this miracle ingredient you ask?

Well, beauty powerhouse Mecca Maxima have recently acquired famed makeup artist Chosungah's second skincare range 16 Brand. We can't wait to get our hands on their Donkey Milk Cream and Cleanser! Other donkey milk products to pursue are the Skin Ceramics range and gel masks by Freeset.

Happy shopping, and may your skin be 700-donkey-supple!

Feature image: Rocaille Writes