Channel your inner Icelandic princess with OPI

The magical land of sparkling glaciers, other-worldly lava fields and the mystical Northern Lights may be half a world away, but OPI has imported some Iceland magic to us with their latest collection! 

The collection is inspired by Iceland's rugged, natural beauty and the funky vibes of its cities. Expect blue hues inspired by expansive skies and glaciers, and the cooler blue-greys of winter. We go from blue to high-fashion city shades of berry, to volcanic chocolate brown, dark grey and moss green, to the captivating hues of the enviable Iceland sunsets. 

Look out for the fun-as-ever names such as Aurora Berry-alis and Less is Norse, and pick yourself up one of these babies for a cheeky $19.95 at Farmers or selected pharmacies. 

To learn how to get the most out of the Iceland Collection and all else the number one salon brand worldwide has to offer, we met with OPI Ambassador Cheryl Cooke. Her expert advice for manicures comes with three S's: Service, Salon and Safe Technique.


You should tailor your nail service to your lifestyle.

Nail lacquer generally lasts 3-5 days, great for those who like to change up their colour frequently or want to remove polish easily, but not so ideal if you're tough on your poor old nails. OPI's Infinite Shine range lasts up to 11 days if applied correctly and has that dreamy gel-like shine, while still easy to remove. GelColour lasts for 14+ (!!) days and dries hard before you leave the salon. It's the best choice if you are harder on your nails, unless you're a colour commitment-phobe - 14 days is a long time!! The Iceland Collection is available in all three forms - OPI has got you covered!


Hygiene in a salon is SO important. Look for clean floors and work stations and don't be afraid to ask about tool sterilisation!! Pay attention to THEIR attention to detail. If you're not convinced, walk right out that door. No Icelandic princess has time for bad hygiene. 

As a rule of thumb (though not gospel) you get what you pay for. If a salon is offering super low prices they might be compromising on service and products. Don't you compromise either!

Safe Technique 

Take note, particularly with gels, that your manicurist is applying and removing product correctly, or they will damage your nails. Removing gel polish CANNOT be rushed - soak for at least 15 minutes! And do not let anyone pick or scrape polish off your nails, or excessively file them. 

Do your bit to keep your manicure safe from chipping afterwards - no picking, no pulling, use gloves when in water for a prolonged period of time, and get amongst that cuticle oil!! 

Follow Cheryl's advice and keep those nails looking as pristine as Iceland's skies!

To celebrate the launch of OPI's Iceland collection, we have two epic prize packs to giveaway, one for you, and one for your bestie, valued at $180 each!

You'll be in to win one top coat, one base coat, nail file, lacquer remover, and six of the new OPI Iceland shades! Head over to our Facebook page for details on how to win!