A Hazy Shade Of Winter

Stephen Marr campaignBy Sophie Donovan When mid winter rolls around, I always notice my skin and hair dry out. So what better time than to test out Stephen Marr's mid-winter gloss infusion, 'A Hazy Shade of Winter.' This winter hair package is all about making winter hair more managable, glossy and healthy, restoring the hair's lipid content for increased nourishment and sheen. The lovely Matt Benns at Stephen Marr, Ponsonby, took me through the steps... The treatment kicked off with a concentrated smoothie shot of nutrient rich Greens & More which is a powerful cleanser and hair deodoriser. This is followed by a Japanese inspired dry brushing to stimulate circulation and cell nourishment. As well as all the benefits the brushing does to your hair, it's so relaxing... I mean you could fall asleep in your chair it's that good. Then Matt used a gentle, exfoliating hair and scalp vitamin infusion followed up by lathering the hair with a cocktail of rich phyto (plant) lipids to quench and rejuvenate, accompanied by a deep scalp massage. As well as making your hair look and feel super shiny, sleek and soft, this would be a really great treat if you're having a bit of a stressful week or want to take some time out. A Hazy Shade of Winter, Brilliant Winter Gloss Infusion Available at Stephen Marr Ponsonby, Newmarket or Takapuna for only $47. www.stephenmarr.co.nz