A cure for dry winter hands from Grown Alchemist

Written by Dani McAllen, Remix beauty columnist & Managing Director of We Are Anthology. We’re almost on the home stretch to summer, but in the mean time, the skin on our hands is still dry, cracking and seriously lacking some colour. While the Grown Alchemist can’t help with the colour, they certainly can help with the rest. Their Persian Rose & Argan Extract intensive hand cream is just that, it’s intense. It’s luxurious and beautiful and smells like heaven. I wouldn’t say it makes you want to eat it, but it makes you want to devour it, or maybe it’s more you want it to completely devour you, in a bath with some scented candles and a glass of Pinot in hand. Sorry, back on track. This hand cream is seriously lush, and you only really need a wee squeeze each time. It also rubs right into the skin when you use it, unlike loads of hand creams that just keep your fingers sticky and make you leave marks over everything like a four year old. The cream is made from Persian Rose, Tamanu Oil and Argan Extract with Vitamin A and Omega. All I hear when I see that is ‘sweet sweet luxurious goodness’ and my hands agree after a couple of weeks of using it. Utterly delicious, this beauty is available in Auckland at the Flaunt Store in Ponsonby and online.