A Bangin' New Beauty Mobile App

original_bangstyleapp copy BOOM. Or should we say BANG? As a bunch of tech geeks, we were pretty excited to hear about the new Bangstyle app, which features a wide range of stylists’ hair creations from around the world. A free download to your iPhone or Android, the Bangstyle app is perfect for inspiration, as well as keeping you up with all the latest hair trends. The app also allows you to upload photos of your own hairstyling looks that will be shared worldwide. You can also share your favorite photos via Facebook and Instagram for all your friends to have a look. Don’t deny it, we know you do this all the time anyway on Snapchat! Nominated for the Most-Wanted Beauty App award in Marie Claire magazine, the Bangstyle app allows you to browse through thousands of different hairstyles with a simple swipe. Visit your app store to download the free app or head over to www.bangstyle.com for more info.