6 unexpected reasons your skin is oily

So we've crossed the threshold of acne (hopefully), aren't quite to the valley of deep wrinkles, are are smack bang in the middle of oil world. I'm at constant war with my t-zone; my makeup slides off my face and I can't leave the house without blotting sheets. It's not the worst thing to ever happen to me, but an oily face is definitely less than ideal. 

In war, we must understand our enemies. Here are some reasons you may not have considered as to why you always look like you've been smacked in the face with bacon:



Surprise, surprise, our baby-making hormones are wreaking havoc in totally unnecessary ways. Contraception, an out-of-whack cycle, whatever. Grumpy hormones spew oil in protest. Combat them with a natural supplement to support your hormone levels and a healthy dose of complaining to your gal pals about how being a female is, at times, the worst.



Say it isn't so! Your penchant for platters (the cheese-loaded kind) and your daily milky coffee are also messing with your hormone levels, which results in another wave of oily madness. This is a tough one - maybe I can deal with a slippery nose if the alternative is giving up Brie. To be decided.



Seems weird, right? Regardless of your skin type, you need to use moisturiser. Otherwise your skin will be like, "OMG I'm not good enough" and go nuts on the oil production to make up for the moisture it isn't getting. Get a light, oil-free moisturiser with ingredients like glycerin to help your skin retain moisture, keeping oil at bay.



You're going to see more face shine when the humidity index is through the roof (ie. classic Auckland). Also, the drying effects of winter and air-con result in the not-enough-moisture thing again. In humid weather, make sure you have a good cleanser, and in all weather, for gods sake, moisturise. Oil-free products, of course.



Wash your bedsheets once per week or suffer the consequences. Considering the drooling, tossing, turning and all the other things that (ahem) happen under the covers. Do you want your skin to lie in an accumulation of all that icky? No. Also, use a silk pillowcase. Not only do they make you feel luxe AF, they are easier on your skin than cotton and help chill out the oil over-production. 



When you consume booze your heat index rises, which means you sweat more. So, more oil. Lame. I'm not saying give up your after-work vino, but at least make the effort to chug more water and eat green things to flush away the alcohol. 


Hopefully you've learned something that can help you cut down on the blotting papers in your war on oil. Good luck, and stay sheen-free, fam.