10 DIY hair do's & don'ts according to hairdressers

Whether you’re locks are au naturel or coloured, layered or blunt, or in-between styles, there are a few no-no’s, according to some of New Zealand’s pros.


It’s easy to go wrong when you take matters into your own hands, which is why stylists urge caution to anyone tempted to try some hair DIY. Not only could you end up with a dodgy fringe or brassy blonde ‘do – if you’re not careful you could cause untold damage to your tresses.

Ahead, some of New Zealand's top hairdressers share their DIY hair do’s and don’ts…

DON'T attempt a home haircut

“I know, I know. You've had a couple of wines and just seen someone do a really cool haircut tutorial on Tik Tok and you’re inspired. How about in four months’ time when it still hasn't grown out and even your stylist of 10 years couldn't save it, still need it? If you have never attempted to cut your own hair now is not the time to start.” – Tane Tomoana, creative lead, Dry & Tea 

DON’T DIY colour

“There’s a reason you see a professional - we know what we are doing. We are trained to mix and colour match to personalise every colour. If you get creative and think ‘how hard can it be?’, the aftermath will likely be a timely and costly colour correction" – Candace Cole, senior creative stylist, SOCIETY


DO double shampoo

“My number one tip is ensuring you shampoo your hair twice (if using a non-professional shampoo) using a small 20 cent piece both times. Salon quality shampoos have higher concentrations compared to a standard shampoo.” – Newton Cook, creative & education director, Rodney Wayne

Newton Cook

DO take a break from heat styling

“A great healthy hack for when you can’t visit the salon is to put down the hot tools. Lockdown gives us the chance to really give our hair a break.” – Ashley, owner & director, SOCIETY

Ashley Green

DON'T DIY bleach

“It’s very likely you will end up with straw-like dryness and orange brassiness you will instantly regret. Instead, try an ammonia-free rinse/toner/direct dye. These gradually washout and there’s every colour of the rainbow and tone available online.” – Tane Tomoana, creative lead, Dry & Tea

Tane Tomoana

DO embrace regrowth

“Regrowth is now a trend. So, now is the time to rock it! We saw countless home dye mishaps after the first lockdown which resulted in costly fix-ups at the salon.” – Ashley, owner, SOCIETY

Margot Robbie

DO towel dry your hair first

A hot tip is to towel dry your hair before putting on your conditioner or treatment, then ensure it only goes on the mid-lengths to ends. Ringing out any excess moisture will ensure best absorption and even coverage.” – Newton Cook, creative & education director, Rodney Wayne

DO less!

“A great way to keep healthy hair at home is to do as little as possible. We hear a lot from clients that their hair feels dry, but most of the time this is because we are used to over-washing our hair for work or gym. Re-training the production of scalp oils to be brushed every day from scalp to tips of your hair will ensure the oils are spread evenly and coat your hair. Try this for a good 4-7 days over the next few weeks.” – Candace Cole, senior creative stylist, SOCIETY

DO use treatments

"Use this time to not only reduce heat on the hair, but treat it to some much-needed nourishment with at-home salon quality treatments. My picks would be Olaplex No. 0, 3 and 8, or Nioxin 3D Intensive Deep Protect Density Mask. If you don’t have any salon masks you can look in your cupboard at home and utilise any oils like avocado oil, coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil, and pop your hair in a bun for a few hours. Don’t forget when washing out to shampoo before you wet hair, then do a second shampoo and condition." - Lizzie Mann, senior stylist, Hair at Boston.


DON'T use detergent-filled products

“Running out of your salon shampoo? Using some products from the supermarket can strip colour from hair and I would not recommend. The availability online of salon grade haircare is fantastic.” – Tane Tomoana, creative lead, Dry & Tea

You can still shop all your salon professional hair essentials through Rodney Wayne Shampoo 'n' Things, Hair at Boston and SOCIETY throughout lockdown.