Your guide to the best hot cross buns in Auckland

Hot cross bun season is well and truly upon us and plenty of Auckland's favourite cafes and bakeries have jumped on board the spiced bun bandwagon. From custard-filled Biscoff buns to award-winning bakes, we've rounded up the crème de la crème of hot cross buns in Auckland so you can spend more time indulging and less time hunting. 

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Daily Bread

Once again, the nation’s favourite, Daily Bread, has clinched the title of hot cross bun supreme winner for the third consecutive year - and rightfully so. Thanks to a lengthy fermentation process, these sourdough buns are delightfully springy and moist, boasting unparalleled levels of spice, rum-soaked fruit, and a sticky orange and cardamom glaze.

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Fort Greene

This Karangahape Road bakery is renowned for expertly executing classic bakes and when it comes to hot cross buns, well, they’ve smashed it out of the park again. After several years of baking hot cross buns, Liam and the team has seemingly nailed this traditional bake. Think a sourdough starter base, ripples of dried fruit and warming spices to complete this iconic bake. 

Ima Cuisine 

No list is complete without special mention to the queue-inducing hot cross buns from Ima Cuisine. These traditional buns stand out from the crowd thanks to their signature (and loaded) custard pastry cream crosses that are worth every single bit of mess. 

Knead on Benson

Securing second place in this year’s hot cross bun competition is cherished local hangout, Knead on Benson. Fondly dubbed “The Big Softie”, if you couldn’t already guess, these buns are exceptionally soft and fluffy. As well as their pillow-like texture, what makes this contender even more special is a mix of dried fruit steeped in Stolen Rum. 

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Chocolatier legends Whittaker’s has joined the Easter party with their new limited-edition Choc Cross Bun block. Snap and share squares (or rows) of Whittaker’s iconic 33% creamy milk chocolate spiked with seasonal spices and currants. 

Pastrami & Rye

If you’re more of a savoury tooth, Ellerslie’s Pastrami & Rye has you covered with its bacon buttie X hot cross bun breakfast must-try. Not only are their hot cross buns infused with Hallertau double stout, they’re filled with rashers of maple-fried bacon for an extra dose of naughtiness. 

Luna Bakehouse

Leave it to the innovators at Luna Bakehouse to up the ante. This year, their signature hot cross buns play host to an array of decadent custard fillings and toppings, including Nutella, Biscoff and classic buttercream. 

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Duck Island

The popular ice cream parlour has teamed up with award-winning hot cross bun bakers Daily Bread for an exclusive Easter flavour. Their new hot cross bun ice cream features warming spices such as ginger, cloves and cinnamon, chunks of Daily Bread hot cross buns and plenty of rum and orange-soaked currents to finish. 


The ever-popular bakery at Amano has given us another reason to join the morning queue. Enter their chocolate hot cross buns. Like their traditional counterparts, these chocolate-infused buns are lighty, fluffy and flavourful - everything you could ever want from this seasonal sweet-treat.