Win 35 BurgerFuel vouchers for your bubble

We’ve collectively done a pretty stellar job in our attempts to combat COVID-19 and to say thanks, we’re giving you a pat on the back, a star on your chart & 35 burgers in your bubbles tummies. One for every day spent in quarantine. 

I’ve missed a lot of things during my time in quarantine; my dog, my family, but (sorry mum) most of all, I’ve missed BurgerFuel. They say that our communities and lives revolve around the places we frequent, and if this is the case, then my life revolves predominantly around V8 Vegans, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. 


The Remix office is blessed beyond compare to be located directly across the road from BurgerFuel Ponsonby, and it’s an establishment that gives the team the comfort, security, and intimacy we crave during a stressful workday. Therefore, it is only fitting that we pass these good vibes onto our readers through 35 vouchers for every day of your heroic quarantine efforts to one very lucky bubble. 


At the best of times, great burgers aren’t that easy to come by. What seems like a simple meat package creation can so easily miss the mark, but you’ll just never find that when it comes to NZ’s favourite burger house. The hardest part is deciding which burger to order, so to help you out we’ve outlined the teams favourite burgers below…  


Ford Freakout

Tim can’t go past the succulent NZ beef pattie and classic flavour combination of the crowd favourite Ford Freakout. 


Thunderbird on GF bun with vegan aioli 

Despite not actually being allergic to anything, Esther has serious dietary requirements, but that should be no obstacle to enjoying the countries best burgers, and BurgerFuel recognises that. 


V8 Vegan 

As previously mentioned, I simply cannot get enough of the V8 Vegan, it’s a flavour sensation that delivers time and time again, no meat necessary. 


Bacon Backfire

Grilled chicken, bacon, brie, salad, relish and BurgerFuel Aioli? How can you go wrong? 


Whatever the special is 

Amber’s adventurous, you simply can’t keep her away from whatever the special BurgerFuel creation is at the time. 


Chook Royale

The perfect option for when you’re peckish, but not ravenous, this petite burger will keep the wolf from the door, and also satisfy your taste buds. 


Check out what BurgerFuel stores are open during Level 3 here


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