This family made the Arctic their home-sweet-home

A Norwegian family of six, who have changed their surname to Hjertefølger (Heart Follower), have been living in the Arctic Circle since December 2013.

Set amongst the beautiful wilderness of the island of Sandhornøya in northern Norway, a house built of sand, clay and straw lies underneath a majestic solar-geodesic dome. Couple Ingrid and Benjamin built the house themselves with the help of their three children (who were soon joined by a fourth).

It is a glorious 25 feet high with three storeys, and it includes five bedrooms and two bathrooms. Most impressively, the Nature House (as it was dubbed by the Hjertefølgers) features a large indoor garden with its own irrigation system.

Everything at the Nature House is put to good use, including their own waste and food scraps both being fed back to the plants.

Ingrid said that she wanted to create ‘a house that is healthy to live in and that’s good for the environment.’ There is no doubt that she has achieved just that.

Ingrid and Benjamin hope to host workshops, yoga retreats or even concerts at the Nature House to share their creation with the world.

It is certainly a breath-taking vision of architecture which anyone would be lucky to see.

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