This drink will be your go-to summer beverage

Rekorderlig's new flavour is set to be a poolside hit this summer

To celebrate the Kiwi summer, Rekorderlig have released a new flavour to their ever-growing line of refreshing blends. Enter Rekorderlig Cucumber & Lime. This 500ml bottle of pure goodness combines the perfect combo of cucumber and a zesty kick of lime for a deliciously refreshing drink.

It would be refutable to disagree with the notion that cider is the drink of choice on a hot summer's day.

Imagine you're Goldilocks entering the holiday house of the three bears. The first chair you sit on is black plastic and scolding hot under the sun's rays and the nearby drink is an unfavourable warm wine. 

The second chair you sit on is a rickety old deck chair with a dodgy leg and the small glass before you holds an old shot of whisky leftover from last night.

BUT the third chair you come across happens to be a hammock in the shade with one incredibly inviting bottle of Rekorderlig cider waiting for you on the grass below. We're no psychologists, but it doesn't take a degree to determine Rekorderlig wins this one.

Serve over ice for a crisp cool experience