These Welsh glamping sites are redefining glamping

While the idea of sleeping in the middle of a quiet, serene area sounds like an amazing getaway, however when it involves setting up a tent, sleeping in a bag and potentially being stuck in freezing cold weather - that is definitely a no from us. 

Glamping has redefined camping for those of us who don't so much enjoy the whole camping experience. But in 2017, these incredible Welsh cabins have put a whole new spin on the glamping experience. 

Aptly named Epic Retreats, guests can choose from one of eight luxurious pop-up cabins that ensure you are kept warm and cozy on your reclusive adventure. They include beds, bathrooms, cooking areas and even a fire place.

With each cabin comes a unique experience such as transport to and from the cabin, food, 24-hour member of staff on site and all activities are organised for you. 

Each having their own design, such as one resembling a dragon's eye and one with a roof which opens up for star gazing, you can't go wrong with any of these uber-luxe glamping pods. 

You'd better start saving your pennies, though, as prices ranging from $1500NZD to $3700NZD!

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