Uber's 2018 lost and found list does not disappoint

Since Uber launched in 2009 in San Francisco, it has been a popular mode of transport. With millions of customers around the globe it’s no surprise that the odd thing gets left behind, and when we say odd, we mean it.

Uber recently released some of the items left in the back seat of an Uber, unsurprisingly the items were often left in the late hours of a Saturday, so if you thought leaving your dignity behind was bad enough, just wait to hear some of the random things people have left which will make you think how, why and what is wrong with people?!

Mobile phones topped the list of forgotten items, along with the norm like cameras, wallets, bags, umbrellas, and glasses but we are here for the weird and whacky.

Here are the top 25 strangest and most questionable items left in an Uber:

  1. A full pork roast
  2. A black and white tuxedo for a small dog
  3. Full set of 18k gold teeth
  4. Salmon head
  5. A propane tank
  6. Multiple weddings gowns
  7. University diploma
  8. Sex toys  - ew!
  9. Fake teeth
  10. Children 
  11. Harry Potter wand – Was it harry?!
  12. Underwear
  13. White leather snakeskin Louboutin heels. – Not the Louboutins!
  14. A pack of hair and a brown brush shaped like a foot
  15. Breast pump with breast milk
  16. A small handmade cat puppet
  17. White gold wedding band with diamonds
  18. A pizza costume
  19. Pets
  20. A mannequin 
  21. A fog machine
  22. Full fish tank with fish and water
  23. One Gucci flip flop
  24. Deer antlers
  25. A shopping trolley - again how?! And why was this even allowed in the first place. Need an explanation. ASAP


So next time you find yourself in an Uber please take a second look before you hop out, however, if you do manage to leave behind something in the car, you can go to ‘My Trips’ on your app and make a request and cross your fingers your item doesn’t make the list!