Ubercopter: the transport option we've been waiting for

One of the most powerful forces in urban mobility is looking to take their taxi service to new heights - quite literally. Uber has used Cannes film festival to tease a new helicopter option to users - or, as they've dubbed it, Ubercopter.

For less than NZD $100, Cannes-goers could swipe to the "Ubercopter" option on their regular Uber app and commute to and from popular movie screenings without the gridlock traffic woes. A regular Uber car collected passengers from their pickup point, took them to the nearest helipad. Just like usual, passengers could split their fare with their traveling companions, and rate their pilot. Hundreds of people allegedly used the service, finding it cheaper, faster and far more scenic than a regular cab to Cannes.

It's not the first time Uber's teased an airborne option. Limited Ubercopters have previously been made available at Coachella and in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There's no word yet when the rest of the world will be enjoying this service.

We sure can't wait for the day when our Friday night club commute involves a helicopter ride!