In Conversation: Mandy Myles of Bookety Book Books

What better way to decide which title to choose next than getting recommendations from a reading connoisseur herself? We spoke to Mandy Myles, founder and creator of Wanaka-based online bookstore ‘Bookety Book Books’ on all things novels, covering highly anticipated new releases to up-and-coming writers, to the almighty Colleen Hoover. 

What are your most anticipated books of the season? 

Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson (coming March), Small Worlds by Caleb Azumah Nelson (coming May), and Yellowface by Rebecca F. Kuang (due in June).

What author or genre would you recommend for the person just getting into reading or wanting to introduce reading into their lives? 

I am currently recommending everybody read Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. It has a little bit of something in it for everyone so it is perfect for new readers.

What would you recommend for the Colleen Hoover lover who wants to branch out? 

If you're reading CoHo because you're a die-hard romance fan then I would suggest checking out Emily Henry and Taylor Jenkins Reid novels. If CoHo has just been a gateway for getting back into reading then I would suggest checking out our 'Crowd Favourites' lists on our Instagram page or website, it is jam-packed full of great tiles.

Currently on your own ‘to read’ list? 

The chaotic, ever-growing piles of books on my dresser consist of too many titles to list here, but on the top of those piles currently (also ever-changing depending on mood) is: American Fever by Dur E Aziz Amna, Fight Night by Miriam Toews, Scattered All Over the Earth by Yoko Tawada, The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid, Foster by Claire Keegan, Africa is Not A Country by Dipo Faloyin, and Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe. We can get rid of some titles if this needs decreasing. 

Finally, who are the up-and-coming writers to keep on our radar? 

Monica Heisey, former Schitts Creek writer, has just released her debut novel, Really Good, Actually. Coco Mellors has had a smash hit with her debut, Cleopatra and Frankenstein and her second novel Blue Sisters is set to hit shelves early 2024. Lastly, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin is another debut that has taken off in the last couple of months.