This new drink is set to elevate your beauty regime

Every once in a while we find ourselves scouring the web, researching all the recent beauty do’s and don’ts. With an industry filled to the brim with lotions and potions, supplements and powders, it's often hard to decide what ones are the right fit for you, your oily T zone, under-eye bags and frizzy hair. 

But what if we told you that there’s a way to get all your supplements in one can? Enter: Soochi Drinks.

It’s this beauty struggle that led the ladies behind the brand - Tina Chou, Margie Hunt and Naz Babapour to develop a game-changing innovation that would eliminate this tiresome, time-consuming web sleuthing. Soochi is a prejuvenation beverage designed to flip the switch on one-dimensional beauty standards and keep the beauty game with less fuss. A daily self-care beverage designed with a supercharged formulation that boosts brightness to unlock glowing skin and a healthy gut - yes, please. 

Founder Naz Babapour describes how through generations of proven beneficial ingredients it makes sense to create such a seamless product. “Growing up, I have always been fascinated by all the knowledge my mum possessed with traditional uses of ingredients, often passed down from generations of proven use. We have combined ancestral know-how with modern techniques to bring everyone effective, yet delicious drinks designed to be part of our daily self-care routine,” says Naz.

As much as we hate to admit, it’s about what you put into your body that reflects what's on the outside, and that's exactly what Soochi is doing - nourishing from the inside. Food technologist for Soochi, Margie Hunt says “juggling life is becoming the standard. It’s important to me that I help develop products that fit seamlessly into our schedules, are delicious, have health at the forefront, and at an accessible price-point. We are on a mission to make ingestible beauty and wellness more honest and effective.” 

After an intense research and development period, a beautifully curated berry spritz was born - infused with Verisol Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid, Prebiotics, Reishi and Vitamin C. This concoction of goodness is designed to enhance cellular protection from free radical damage, healthier digestion, increased skin plumpness, elasticity and smoother skin. All this whilst being ethical, low in sugar, bioactive AND sustainably sourced. And in one can? We’re just as impressed as you are. 

And just when you thought things couldn't get any better, Soochi has pioneered the industry with an all-female founding team. All three founders share the same goal to elevate their daily self-care routine, without all the fluff that's involved in many other products. CEO Tina Chou makes it clear by saying “I am a massive believer in prevention through functional eating and drinking. 

It’s something we do every day, three times a day so we’re technically not doing anything different - only taking a more conscious decision in making the better choice. Choose to care for yourself with no compromise.” All three follow this one vision, honouring authentic women who go against the grain and challenge that status quo.


Soochi is now available online, Farro, Raeward Fresh and coming soon to New World.