The world's most colourful cities

With the cherry blossoms opening with the arrival of spring, we thought we would celebrate by sharing the world’s most colourful cities with you. From Chile to South Africa, these vibrant towns all have their own stories of how and why they were painted in their exquisite hues.

  1. Burano, Italy


Fishermen would paint their homes in oranges, reds, yellows and purples so that they would be visible through the fog. They would then follow their colours back home from sea.

  1. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa


The residents only recently transformed their town into a bright neighbourhood as an expression of freedom, despite being one of the oldest areas in the county.

  1. Willemstad, Curacao


It was believed that the colour white was a cause of migraines, so the governor of the Dutch issued a decree that buildings could be painted anything but white!

  1. Jodhpur, India


In the past, the city was painted in shades of royal blue so that the upper class could differentiate their properties from those of the lower class. Over time, the vivid shade was rumoured to be a defence again termites but we just think it’s a beautiful colour!

  1. La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The locals coated their homes in leftover paint to hide the dull tones of the scraps that were made to build their homes. Today, this destination has become a popular tourist location.

  1. Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil


The culture of this town is as bright as its colours. Being the historical centre for food and dancing- what more could you want?

  1. Juzcar, Spain


In the name of promotional efforts, this city as a publicity stunt for the Smurf movie. The hard-to-miss town is now known as the only real life Smurf village in the world.


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