The Remix team put the new Polestar 2 EV to the test

The Remix team were lucky enough to enjoy the new Polestar 2 EV for a week of magazine deadline errand running, driving to photoshoots, zipping to lunch meetings and simply enjoying a ride. Here’s what the team had to say about the slick and sophisticated 100% electric lifestyle vehicle…

Amber Baker, Editor

To drive an electric car that is not only eco-friendly and chic, but also gets from 0-100 in 7.4 seconds was a pretty amazing experience. I’m a big fan of clean, luxurious feeling interiors and the Polestar 2’s avant garde design and sophisticated interior - fully vegan might I add - was certainly notable. We all felt like VIPs pulling up to lunch meetings and photoshoots in this black beauty.

Portia Gascoigne, Brand Manager

I loved the built-in Google infotainment system! Being my first time driving an EV, I was nervous about the range but the charging assistant put my mind at ease and the fact there is a network of more than 250 strategically positioned charging stations throughout New Zealand. It only takes 40 minutes at a public charger when you’re out and about, or you can charge overnight. One fun surprise I loved was the One Pedal Driving feature - when I lifted my foot, the car engaged in braking, using its own kinetic energy to slow down.

Orion Scott, Deputy Editor

As someone who has zero sense of direction the dashboard map was my most loved feature! It made navigating the city super easy, especially as we’re often stopping at new spots looking for the quickest route. Another feature I loved was the extended sunroof which spans across both the front and back seats. It made driving around the city more of an experience because you can look up at building that would usually go unnoticed when stopping at a red light.

Polestar HQ, based out of Gothenburg Sweden, are a team of forward thinkers, determined to improve the society we live in, using design and tech to accelerate the change to sustainable, electric mobility. They have no legacy, no ties to the past; they are free and ready to guide the automotive industry in a new direction. Polestar Auckland will be opening a Polestar Space in March in New Market, Auckland.  

Photography: @parker