The best foods to eat while watching movies

Arguably more important than the movie choice itself, having the perfect snack accompaniment is no easy feat. It’s a crucial element to ensuring a couch marathon is a success, and it takes years of meticulous planning, determination and trial-and-error to determine exactly what you’re craving. 

As is often the case, it’s important to read the room, so the cuisine needs to match the genre. But if you’re not as clued up as we are on the subject, don’t stress - here are the perfect food pairings for your movie genres, that won’t have you left with any UberEats regret. 


Sci-Fi: Curry

If there's one thing I know about sci-fi movies it’s that they are all very, sometimes torturously long. This being said, you need sustenance to go the miles. Nothing will get you prepped, and amped, quite look a good old fashioned cuzza with a nice big bowl of rice and naan. 

Tear-jerkers: Pasta 

When a movie is due to make your tear ducts gush, you’re going to need a nice big serving of pasta to hold on tight to. 


Aussie Comedies: BBQ Snacks

Niche category, but The Castle is my favourite movie of all time so it was deserving of its very own spot. Also, Australian humour is the best. Nothing says Australia like some good char-grilled snaaccs. 

Musicals: Something Fancy 

Synonymous with high-brow content, you need to be consuming some boujee foods if you’re watching a musical. Whatever that might be, you just can’t be caught dead doing anything else. 

Rom-coms: Confectionary 

When a movie’s going to pluck at your heartstrings, it’s paramount you have a bowl of sweets to dive headfirst into. It’s a great way to temporarily void any feeling of loneliness these movies might induce. 

Horror: Salad 

Ok, I don't have a lot of experience with this genre as I am infamously squeamish. But if a movie is all blood and guts, you’re going to need something that won’t upset your sensitive stomach. No one wants to be hooning a spag-bol or anything that resembles a spag-bol while Saw is on the screen.