Remix Spectre Series: Part 4 with Matt Benns of Stephen Marr

In the time since our Innovators Power Lunch when we gave Matt Benns his new HP Spectre, the Creative Director of Stephen Marr hasn’t slowed down. We caught up with him as part of our Spectre Series.

Matt’s a busy guy at the best of times – working on photoshoots, fashion shows, celebrity clients and the Stephen Marr brand – but the last two months has been particularly crazy.

matt benns 

Matt directed hair for a number of shows at New Zealand Fashion Week, including Mercedes-Benz Presents Harman Grubisa, before jetting off to New York to be a part of Fashion Week over there!

‘It was actually perfect timing to get the HP Spectre, because I’ve been working on lots of shows and travelling heaps. It’s so light I can take it with me anywhere or tuck it in my carry-on luggage easily,’ he says.

Matt was in New York with hair brand R+ Co., attending shows for their fashion partners and working with other creative directors from around the world.

matt benns

‘The thing about New York is people work all the time, day and night, so I could just sit at a café, pull mood board swipes together for upcoming shows and then show the team clear shots the next day straight off the screen.’

Work aside; the HP Spectre also came in handy for some of Matt’s travel layovers.

‘I have all my music and movies loaded onto the HP Spectre, so I could listen and watch what I wanted when I was waiting in airports or exhausted after a long day in my hotel.’

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