'Foodstagram': photo styling tips to make your brunch Instagram worthy

Ah, the mighty 'foodstagram'. No blogger's Instagram profile would be complete without the occasional artfully arranged brunch shot. With a phone in hand and a delicious plate staring back us, we can’t help but want to give our beautiful Eggs Benedict a glamour photoshoot.

Here are six top tips you need to know before posting your next food shot on Instagram:

Explore your backgrounds
Experiment with different surfaces to create the perfect backdrop for those cream covered donuts.  Playing with different textures and colours will help you find the ideal background for your meal, whether it be marble or a wooden cutting board to provide that authentic edge.

Embrace its natural habitat
That paper bag that you normally throw out after you slide your bagel out could come in handy for a photoshoot. Using materials and props such as the salt and pepper on your table could be just the right touch to set the scene.

Lighting is everything
Natural lighting is best, so sit by the window, turn off that flash and work your angles even if that means standing on your chair in the middle of the café – the things we do for a perfect photo.

How big?!
If you’re indulging in a burger three times the size of your head, show that! By holding your meal or placing it next to other items, it will put your meal into scale.

Work your angles
The best angle to capture your food is directly above but take note how your dish was built. If you’re photographing a tall cake, shoot it straight on.

Tell a story
Give your meal some context and personality! If you’re dining out on a cold winter morning, add a corner of your scarf into the shot. If you’ve got a stack of pancakes in front of you, drizzle syrup over the plate to add more character. If you’re enjoying a great big plate of pasta, twirl it around your fork.