Rugby sevens superstar Ruby Tui's secret to staying match-fit

A Winning Formula; we sat down with New Zealand rugby sevens player superstar Ruby Tui to find out how she stays match fit. 


What does rugby mean to you?

Rugby is an important part of New Zealand culture. I grew up watching it like many other young Kiwis, with my parents screaming and waving at the TV. It is an honour to be able to wear the black jersey with my family name on the back and represent my country in my favourite sport, especially representing New Zealand in the Women’s team.


How did you come to Rugby? Who brought you to it?

I played every sport possible, but it wasn’t until university when I discovered Women’s rugby. I joined a club in Christchurch, an all-women’s team, playing my little heart out. Back then I was small, but my heart was huge and my attitude 110%.


How does it feel to be going to the Tokyo Olympics next year?

Winning silver at the Rio 2016 Olympics was an amazing learning experience. Tokyo is going to be huge. The team isn’t selected 100% until two weeks out from the Olympics, so we must make every tournament in the lead-up. This is something that keeps driving me and I am really looking forward to the challenge.


How do you use Nuzest in your routine?

I use Nuzest every day, specifically after the gym. I mix Clean Lean Protein, Good Green Stuff and coconut/ almond milk in a shaker, shake it up and away I go, super easy. When I leave my training, I know I have given my body the necessary fuel it needs to recover, and I like to think I get extra gains out of my session. Switching to Nuzest, I 100% notice the difference, I never feel heavy or get a sore gut, even if I take it three times a day. I feel lighter, faster and have more energy. For me it was a game changer, especially where we train multiple times a day, I can’t believe how much of a difference it made, I just love it!


How do you maintain peak performance?

I try to keep my base nutrition good, get enough sleep and keep on top of my mental health. I feel mental health is very important, I always ensure I have downtime and time to reflect on myself. I love going to the beach, putting on a meditation track and just chilling out. Family time is also important.

Photography: Sacha Stejko