Must know travel hacks

Packing can simultaneously be the most exciting and daunting part of a vacay. Whether it's a weekend away, escape abroad or whipping away up north for a roadie, we’ve rounded up our favourite packing tips to make your getaways a little bit more genius.

Travel hacks1. TV as a Phone Charger

Say goodbye to phone charger dramas! Charge your phone via the USB plot on the back of a hotel TV.

2. Tangle Free Jewellery

Like our earphones, jewellery seems to always come out the other side as a ball of knotted chain. Instead, use a drinking straw, thread your chain through and clasp together!

3. Pillow Talk

Group all those niggly small items together by putting them in a pillow case. This will avoid your bag swallowing your arm as you rummage for days trying to find what you need.

4. Fragile Please!

Better safe than sorry – Tag your bag as fragile to ensure that whoever is handling your bag will do their best to treat it like a princess.

5. Learn a Phrase or Two

Be sure to purchase a phrase book on arrival to help you order meals, ask for directions and be at one with the city you’re visiting. The local will love you for it, not to mention the fun and satisfaction it will bring you.

6. Portable Chargers are your new Best Friend

Traveling and being out and about all day site seeing and taking memorable photos can quickly drain your phone power. Portable chargers will come to the rescue so you can snap and Instagram from morning to night.

7. Power Up

Bring a power strip for all your chargers and plug ins so that you will only need one adaptor- genius!