Body art that will blow your mind: Illustrator Gina Kiel's latest creation

Kiwi artist Gina Kiel was responsible for the beautiful illustrations on the cover of our most recent Beauty issue of Remix, so it warms our heart to see this talented young illustrator doing more incredible work. As part of the latest Affectors exhibition, Gina used model Alesha's body as a canvas and painted the journey of life through floral illustrations. Her artwork represented how we grow, we bloom, we wilt and we die. Then using Adobe photoshop, Gina was able to illustrate on the photo, allowing the body's senses to explore the world through illustration. Enlarge the stunning images above, courtesy of Behance. Amazing! Then click here for more information on Gina and to see more of her work. [gallery columns="4" ids="3727,3726,3725,3724" orderby="rand"]