Say Hello to Wild Heart - BurgerFuel's new upcycled burger

Trying to decide what burger to order when there is a cue of hungry people behind you can be anxiety-iducing. However, it is not as challenging as making sure our food does not go to waste after being full to the brim with BurgerFuel’s delights. Luckily they are one step ahead of us and have created the Wild Heart, a burger made from rescued and repurposed local food; to ensure nothing will ever go to waste. Flipping food waste on its head, BurgerFuel teamed up with Citizen Collective, the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation and WITHWILD to bring us one must-try burger. 

Deer to indulge 

You might be wondering what is in the patty? And how can it be repurposed? Well, this patty is more about saving our beautiful flora and fauna. With venison from the Fiordland National Park, this delight saves the park's conversation with every bite. Wapiti deer are culled to protect flora and fauna through the WITHWILD and Fiordland Wapiti Foundation deer management programme. Not only does it save our planet but one dollar will be donated to protect our conversation for every burger sold. 

Cherry delight

Sauce is arguably the hero ingredient in any burger and BurgerFuel has once again created a topping that is to die-for. This cherry delight will change your perspective on condiments  forever. Made from blemished cherries, this isn't any less special; if anything, it's more memorable. Exported from central Otago, you are bound to be transported to the south with one taste. 

Rescued carrots

Burgerfuel always proves that its fresh ingredients are crucial to making its burgers a step above the rest. But what if we were to tell you that the carrots in this burger would usually go to waste? How clever! Just because they may look different to the rest, doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated the same, right?

The perfect pair

It feels criminal not to have a cold beverage when biting into the burger of your dreams and luckily, BurgerFuel have you covered. Did someone say cherry cola? Like the cherry sauce, this cherry cola is rescued from central Otago cherries and has the by-product of botanicals from rum making, rum wash. Despite repurposing these cherries, it doesn't change the one-of-a-kind dark vibrant flavours that will leave you wanting more.