Meet Our Autumn Cover Star, Cindy Crawford!

Nothing tells the tale of America’s Sweetheart more than shooting the iconic Cindy Crawford on a Floridian beach with The Star-Spangled Banner waving softly in the distance. On set with Remix, the supermodel radiated an authenticity and kindness not usually synonymous with such levels of fame & success - even enthusiastically partaking in my onset birthday celebration (core memory unlocked). Possessing the kind of forever beauty only someone like Cindy has, the sun had nothing to do with how she shone at the private paradisal Islamorada resort, toting new season looks straight from the runway.

Thank you for being our stunning Remix March cover star! How did you enjoy the shoot with us and Joe in Florida?

Shooting with Joe is always such a breeze and we had a small but great crew. We shot at this beautiful place in Islamorada, near Miami, called The Moorings. It was my first time shooting there, but hopefully not my last—we felt like we were on vacation in the Bahamas!

You spend your time between Malibu and Miami - what do you love most about the life you’ve created here in Miami?

My husband and I just started spending more time in Miami, even though I have been coming here since my early modeling days. It’s a fun next chapter for us after raising our children in Malibu. I love the weather of course, but also how much walking I do here.  And there’s so many new restaurants for us to explore together and with friends.

In 2024, how does a day in the life of Cindy play out?

The great thing about my life is there is no “typical” day.  Every morning, I wake up quite early. I love the quiet of mornings. I have my morning routine which involves dry brushing and usually a jacuzzi, if I have access to one. If I’m not shooting, I have coffee with my husband and then usually try to get some type of exercise in - Pilates, walking with a friend, or a gym workout.  Then I try to do any calls or emails. I’ll have lunch at home or grab something quick. Afternoons are usually filled with appointments or exploring. Then we either make dinner at home or go out to meet friends. These days, I love being in bed by 10 with a good book!

How would a day in the life of Cindy play out back in 1991?

My days off haven't really changed that much, but back in the day, I had a lot less days off.  When I lived in NYC,  I would get up and usually head to a photo shoot and try to work out after work if it wasn’t too late, then dinner out with friends!

This is our Radiance edition of Remix magazine, when do you feel most radiant?

I think I feel most radiant around friends and family—sharing stories and meals and just relaxing.

What is the biggest misconception about being a supermodel?

The biggest misconception about being a supermodel is that we can’t take a bad picture! I’m still trying to figure out a good selfie angle!

You launched a successful beauty anti-aging skin care & hair care brand, Meaningful Beauty, what are the key ingredients in your products that you're most passionate about?

Meaningful Beauty is well known for our proprietary Melon Leaf Stem Cell Technology - and this year we introduced our Vitamin C Bi-Phase Oil, which I am loving. It combines vitamin C with the Melon Leaf Stem Cell Technology to brighten skin. It’s an oil and water formulation that, when shaken together, combines all the active ingredients. It also has Activated C-technology that keeps the vitamin C stable and fresh, which is always a challenge when creating vitamin C products. Later this year we will be unveiling new first-to-market technologies for the brand’s 20th anniversary that I’ll be really excited to share! 

What are your goals for Meaningful Beauty?

When I first started Meaningful Beauty, my goal was to share the incredible access I had to Dr. Sebagh and his formulations with my sisters, my friends… women everywhere, and we have done that really successfully, reaching well over 5 million women. I had no idea when we started that 20 years later, in some ways, we would just be getting started. So, I think that my original goal remains the same – to continue sharing my access to great skin and hair care solutions with women to feel beautiful at every age. 

How do the challenges of running a beauty business compare to that of the modelling and acting worlds?

Fortunately for me, I have an incredible team at Meaningful Beauty so I don’t have to “run” the business.  I allow each of them to bring their expertise, which enables me to do what I’m good at.  I get very involved with product development, marketing and advertising. 

Now that the next generation of models can use social media as a platform to self-promote, do you feel the role modelling agencies play has changed?

Social media is a great tool for models and influencers to tell their own stories in their authentic voices instead of depending on journalists or publicists, but I think the role of the agents is still pretty much the same from my perspective.

When (if ever) have you been starstruck?

Being from a small town in Illinois, I have been starstruck often, but I think the two people that I was most starstruck by were Paul Newman and Princess Diana.

There seems to be patterns of modelling 'movements' in every era, the last five years has ushered in more diversity and inclusivity, do you recall there being a sort of movement or change in the 80s and 90s and what was it?

The generation of models before me were all blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Starting with Paulina Porizkova and Gia Carangi, a more sultry, dark-haired beauty was seen in magazines which was lucky for me! I think the thing about my peers and I was that we all had our own unique look, but we also looked good photographed together.

What is the most memorable fashion item you've kept from a fashion shoot?

The most memorable fashion items I’ve kept - not from shoots - that’s another myth that we get to keep the clothes - are some Alaia pieces from when I did Azzedine’s shows or a few Versace dresses from events.

Launching new products for your beauty line, magazine cover shoots, building a new home in Miami, and being a mom of course - it seems you're still working very hard. Do you have any intentions to slow down?

I definitely have a more relaxed schedule than I did for the past 30 years but I also like to be busy and engaged. As long as I’m doing work that I love with great people, I’m in no hurry to slow down!




Favourite homemade snack: Sliced apple with almond butter and granola

Cocktail order: Skinny spicy margarita with casamigos reposado

Most used emoji: Kissy face (maybe we do the actual emoji belles)

Miami must-do: Walk the boardwalk in Miami Beach

Favourite board game: Does Backgammon count?

Nighttime non-negotiable beauty product: Meaningful Beauty Age recovery night cream

Favourite designer bag: The Row… understated

Last UberEats/DoorDash meal: Goop kitchen in LA - I love the Salmon Bowl

Celebrity crush growing up: Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy

Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds!




Executive Producer TIM PHIN

Makeup TARYLL ATKINS @artistmanagementmiami using Meaningful Beauty Skincare and Chanel Makeup

Hair MARK WILLIAMASON @artistmanagementmiami using Randco and DysonPro

Styling Assistant DANIELLE LIPUMA

Manicure DONNA D



Videographer ADRIAN RUIZ