Make BurgerFuel your date night destination, purchase any burger & get a chance to play bunder to find your perfect burger match & score

It’s BurgerFuel’s 27th birthday and since ‘95 they've been our go-to destination for late night feeds, catch ups with friends and, above all, date night. With a stacked menu for all walks of life; be it vegan, veggie, halal, gluten free or low carb - making a good first impression or simply dazzling our better halves is BurgerFuel’s forte.

This October, BurgerFuel's irreplaceable role in our love lives is now being promoted from date destination to Cupid with a little thing they like to call bunder. 

Whether you’re prowling the dating scene or happily taken by your significant other, show some love for your favourite burger joint by grabbing your fav burg and enjoying their bespoke, burger-filled dating app - that’s right, you read that correctly. 

Offering all the things your ex-burger joint couldn't, bunder presents you with a relaxed way to meet new burgers, dip your toe back in the water, or simply assess your options. Swipe through the hotties on the menu to find your perfect burger match and score a sweet BurgerFuel hook up with your next purchase. The one thing that isn't on the menu is heartbreak so swipe and sink your teeth into their tasty new deal.

How you ask? Head in store this October, purchase any gourmet burger, scan the QR code and get the chance to play burger bunder for the ultimate munchy matchmaking experience. Our thoughts? Reignite date night and head to BurgerFuel with your bae, mate or flattie, and get swiping to win.

Meet one of the saucy swipees for a taste of BurgerFuel’s delicious dating app…

NAME: American Muscle Double, 23
INTERESTS: Gym, Weights, Protein, Crossfit, Pickle Pics

I’m passionate about the gains and getting swole.

To ensure the shred, I double up with grass-fed NZ beef. Melted cheddar and tangy sandwich pickles keep me sharp, while Dijon mustard and Aioli means life with me is on the saucy side. 

I need someone to pump…iron with and discuss all the latest workouts. My downtime includes going out for cheat meals, researching food prep and long walks on the beach. 

I’m more meat than you can handle and I’ll break your heart. 

P.S. Send pickle pics