Introducing Fortieth & Hurstmere: Takapuna's charming new eatery & market lane

[gallery link="file" ids="5859,5860,5861,5862,5863,5864,5865"] It feels as though each week there's something new popping up in Takapuna. Following some recent additions along the main beach, we were excited by last week's opening of Fortieth & Hurstmere, a market lane in the heart of Takapuna, featuring an array of interesting and delicious food vendors.   Inspired by the laneways of London, New York and Melbourne, Fortieth & Hurstmere brings several different cuisine types into one spot, allowing locals and visitors to wander the brick lane, try the fare and enjoy the charming courtyard space.   The incredibly inviting little lane has been in the works for nearly three years; A collaborative project between McKinney + Windeatt architects, Challenge Construction and Verve Property Management, with some help from FortyLove on the branding.   ‘We really wanted to create a unique experience in the heart of Takapuna, something that transports people to the overseas laneways in Melbourne, London or New York. The idea is for guests to come and try a variety of food types and enjoy them in this beautiful and charming setting,’ says Debi Rowan of Verve Property Management.   Fortieth & Hurstmere is home to the second location of Dante's Pizzeria (rated New Zealand’s best pizza), El Humero Colombian Grill, the first permanent location of mobile coffee business Kombi Coffee (equip with the incredible Best Ugly Bagels), and the ever popular Bird on a Wire.   And that's not all... expect to see some more vendors opening in Fortieth & Hurstmere over the next few months. Click here for more information and here to 'Like' them on Facebook.