How to make the ultimate birthday cake

You may have noticed an increase of posts on Instagram lately of the latest trend to take over baked goods. These 'drippy cakes' have recently stolen the spotlight, appearing all over social media. 

Ranging from classic styles to over-the-top amazing, these cakes are certainly an art form! 

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We never get sick of doing this cake
Goody Gum Drops Cake
Vanilla bean cake layered with goody gum drop Swiss meringue buttercream and jelly tots, finished with white chocolate ganache drizzle, more jelly tots and 100's and 1000's
We also made another insight video of this one 👊🏻"

The toppings are endless, with combinations including copious amounts of chocolate and lollies, locked together with smooth buttercream and chocolate ganache, some of these look almost impossible to create! 

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With the flexibility of being able to custom design your cakes, there isn't many combinations that can go wrong and it can be done! Here are the top tips on how to construct your own messy masterpiece to impress. 

It begins with the base, make sure you have a good cake mix (We love these ones from The Caker) accompanied by a creamy buttercream and a firm setting chocolate ganache to achieve the enviable drip around the cake. 

Niuafe Jr Malupo on Instagram: "#niucakery"

Make sure that the cake you are using is cool chilled before applying the dripping ganache. Have confidence in your work and use a spoon to add purposeful drips around the edge of the cake. After adding the drips, pour more ganache on the top of cake and push it around the surface to the edge. 

Now for the best part - decorating! Pick a palette full of whatever colour scheme, textures and treats you love. For example, a peanut butter chocolate cake covered in peanut butter cups and chocolate coated nuts! 

Work with colours that match for a cohesive cake that will stun your guests. Then, add some height. One of the most exciting parts of the cakes is the tall element that backs the rest of the design. 

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Complete the rest of the design with lollies, cookies and anything else that takes your pick. Start with the larger pieces and finish with the smaller elements. Working with odd amounts and placing things asymmetrically will make for an art directed cake that looks amazing and might taste even better! 

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